Back in the saddle

A women’s journey through weight, control & the foods I love. Quote bubbles…”I ate London broil everyday…just 1.5 pieces”, “1.5 small choc chip cookies a day…check” – for example.

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Break time

I think I needed a mental break, but was unwilling to admit & ask for one, using excuses left & right the wedding, the holidays, work etc. habits are formed but have not stuck for good. Accepting this as a lifetime change is the hardest part. Little failures don’t negate the weight you lost. Strive harder the next day!

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From XL to M, a common sense journey

Numbers matter, but I get sick of them…calories, bpms, heart rate, miles & yes the scale. Jean sized (washed only) tell the same story.

Cover: tweets, 144 characters or less on losing.

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mise en place

mise en place weight loss (everything in its place)

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Julia Child’s Diet

Like Julia child said, “paraphrased” “everything in moderation & then there’s butter”. Or find quote.

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1 year ago

12 months of tough love, unconditional support, rekindling a love of cooking, finding discipline, quiting my 9-5, learning a new craft & traveling to play vball, I am 80lbs lighter!

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Train your body like you train your mind

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Too many things going on, wedding, traveling

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Title Chapter: the Live Room in my head (10 years of convincing reductive dialog). Sometimes it feels like I haven’t lost a things, other days my jeans/loose spandex tells a different story. The latter is always right.

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Don’t carpet the world, wear slippers-Metallica on nerdist podcast

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